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“If you’re a Christian single woman and you’re wondering why you keep attracting the same type of guy, Tonika will help you unravel the mystery quickly. Tonika points out the many ways Christian single women are giving up their time, treasures and bodies to men who are not their husbands. If you’re seeking a way to stop the cycle of dead end relationships for good, Tonika’s book will give you a Christ-centered way to attract the God-fearing man you truly desire.”
Leesa Renee Hall, Bestselling author of Unleash the Flow of Money, Website: www.leesareneehall.com


I highly recommend Get Out of That Dead End Relationship NOW! to any woman who feels uncertain, stuck, or may find herself settling for less than God’s best in a current romantic relationship. Inside this book Tonika candidly shares the steps she took to not only end unhealthy relationships but also how to break the cycle of repeatedly choosing the wrong men & allowing yourself to compromise the morals & values you have which are founded upon the Word Of God. If you or someone you know has a desperate need for true deliverance & have totally lost themselves ask you to please sow this book into them. It just may save their life!
Carla R. Cannon, CEO/President of Women of Standard Inc, & National Best Selling Author of The Power in Waiting & A Single Woman's Focus, Website: www.carlacannon.com


T. Breeden states, “When you are rooted, grounded, and fixed in the love of God, fear is removed from your life.” “There is no fear in love.” This book is birthed from a woman who has walked the steps to healing herself from accepting less than perfect relationships to knowing and believing that she deserves better and should NEVER settle for less. T. Breeden’s transparency and clarity in this book will save many women from the destructive relationships that they have before allowed themselves to be a part of! This is a phenomenal read and I will definitely suggest this to the many couples and singles that I minister to. I give it two thumbs up!
Karen Moore, CEO, Tailored Events, LLC Founder of Romantically Yours (A Division of Tailored Events, LLC) Empowering and imparting into marriages God's true design for this great covenant. Changing the world one marriage at a time., Website: www.tailoredevents.biz.com


In this book, Tonika Breeden brings you into her world and allows you to travel with her on the spiritual and emotional roller coaster of her personal challenges and triumphs in relationships. She leaves no stone unturned while also providing good practical and Christ-centered advise to help you reflect, heal and prepare to walk confidently on your journey towards the 1 God has for you.”
Apostle DoQuoi (The Duke) Green, Founder, Single For 1, Website: www.doquoigreen.org


Tonika Breeden’s new book release – Get Out of that Dead-End Relationship NOW! A Christian Woman’s Guide on How to Get Real, Healed & Move On is a must-read not only for Christian single women entangled in unhealthy relationships, but also for ANY woman who has found herself wounded and broken in her search for true love. Tonika’s testimony of her personal struggles will help many women find the clarity, grace and strength necessary in order to let go of destructive and dysfunctional relationships so that they can walk in wholeness and completeness in Christ before marriage. I highly recommend this book as guide for women on how to get rooted and grounded in the love of God first before searching for The One.”
Dr. Benji Kelley, Founding & Senior Pastor of New Hope Church, Durham, NC and Amy Lynn Kelley - Executive Director of HOPE Missions & Extention Ministries of New Hope Church, Website: www.newhopenc.org