Get Out Of That Dead End Relationship NOW! Electronic Version LIMITED


Get Out of That Dead End Relationship NOW was birthed from the Author, Tonika Maria Breeden’s personal testimony of getting real, healing and moving on from a dead-end relationship. If you feel stuck in a relationship that is going NOWHERE, this book will reveal to you what is really going on and will show you the steps you need to take in order to receive peace, clarity and a sense of wholeness. In this book you will receive revelation on:

  • The Underlying Issues that Attract Dead-End Relationships in Our Lives
  • How Boundary Busting Behavior Keeps You in a Dead-End Relationship
  • How to Avoid the Church Man With Unresolved Issues & Chaos
  • Becoming a Whole Woman Who Will Attract a Whole Man
  • Why Trying to Heal, Help, Fix and Save a Man Is Dangerous