The GetRealBeHealed Inner Circle


This is an Inner Circle, a sisterhood of support designed specifically for women as they make the final decision to end an intimate relationship.  The GetRealBeHealed Inner Circle is a powerful 5- week group coaching intensive program where a group of like-minded sisters are coming together to get out of dead-end relationships, get whole, and freed up emotionally. Because I will stand beside each sister in the process, space is limited, but there is room for you!


The Inner Circle

  • 5 Week Coaching Class every Thursday – Q&A with replays available
  • Every call will have a time designated for prayer
  • Sacred Sisterhood to hold space and support as you go thru Six Stages of Break-up Transitions
  • Outlines for Notes Available for each Class, Exercises and Group Accountability (you will be held accountable to do the work to show up and heal your life)
  • Bonus Saturday Evening Sister Soiree Call with Special Guest Male Guest Speaker – No Holds Barred Discussion, Love, Sex, Marriage and Relationships
  • Email Support from me.
  • 30 Minute 1-on-1 Private Session with Me
  • Private Facebook group to be accountable
  • BONUS: Digital Full Free & Favored Woman of God 3-part Audio Course with Outlines

Course begins July 13th and runs thru August 3rd


Class 1 – Recognize – Digging Deep

Class 2 –  Renounce – Emotional & Spiritual Separation

Class 3 –  Regroup – Coming up with a Game Plan / Exit Strategy

Class 4 – Release – Just Do it.

Class 5 – Recalibrate – The Aftermath

Class 6 – Restore –  Special Saturday Night Live Sister Soiree with a Special Male Guest Speaker.

You need this program if you are in a relationship in which:

  1. The Relationship is conducted on their terms. If you attempt things your way, you are met with objections, stonewalling, going silent, disappearing acts, & hostility.
  2. There is an absence of love, care, trust and respect.
  3. It feels like you have an addiction or compulsion towards this person and keep going back even though you consistently keep getting disappointed.
  4. They have betrayed you and broken your trust.
  5. If you have forgotten who you are, your values, boundaries, your needs, hobbies, purpose, family, friends and relationship with God.
  6. You have broken up several times for the same reasons, but you keep going back. They promised things would change but it never does.
  7. You are the side chick and they are still married/attached/have a girlfriend; OR you used to be the girlfriend but now you are the side chick.

I am a Certified Christian Life Coach and HIScoach™ as well as a speaker, author and mentor for women.  I have personally navigated the process of going thru a divorce, a very extended dead end relationship as well as the standard romantic break-ups that all of us as women have gone thru. Sign up today and get started. Classes begin July 13, 2017!





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